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Abbotsford Wildlife Removal

Since laws vary from region to region, it is recommended to enlist the services of a licensed professional for safe and effective wildlife pest control services. Bugs Plus Pest Services has the required training and certification to remove nuisance wildlife in the Abbotsford region. Our qualified pest control specialists provide humane and effective services that do not adversely affect the environment or any untargeted species.

Bugs Plus Pest Services technicians provide professional recommendations for long term wildlife control that begins with a thorough inspection of your property in Abbotsford. Our qualified experts have the knowledge and experience to keep any unwanted critter from outside sheds, gardens, decks, and other landscaped areas.

Quick Response Wildlife Removal

When you notice wildlife where it shouldn’t be, Bugs Plus Pest Services is the team you need to call. We are a fast-response team of wildlife removal experts who will safely and humanely extract or coax the animal away from the property.

Wild animals are unpredictable and, without the proper education, are not to be trifled with. The best thing you can do when you see an unwanted animal on your property is to call (778) 878-6849.

We’ll send one of our team members to your location as soon as possible. We’ll have all the tools we need in tow so that we can take care of your problem right away.

The Abbotsford pest control specialists provide humane wildlife control for:

  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Rabbits
  • Snakes
  • Squirrels
  • Opossums
  • Woodchucks
  • Voles
  • Gophers
  • Bats
  • Dead animal removal

Humane Solutions for Wildlife Removal

Carriers of parasites and disease, uncontrolled wildlife are capable of transmitting infections to people and pets through bites, feces, urine and other means. It is not recommended to attempt to trap or handle a wild animal found on your property without professional assistance. Bugs Plus Pest Services pest management professionals understand the environments and habits of wildlife in the Abbotsford region and are fully equipped to prevent nuisance wildlife from threatening your health and safety.

Safe Wildlife Removal

Completing effective wildlife removal is a dangerous job, and we must be careful at all times. To do our job correctly, we have to take our safety, the animal’s safety, and your property's safety into account. We always take the utmost care when removing dangerous or messy animals from your property. After the removal, we always provide our clients with the necessary information they need if they reencounter the same problem or want to learn about preventative measures.

Respectful of Your Space

If an unwanted animal is already cohabitating your space with you, the last thing you want is another unwelcome presence. Even though we are wildlife experts, foremost, we are service providers. No matter how challenging the job, we always show up with an optimistic and helpful attitude and respect your property throughout the process.  

A Deep Understanding of Wildlife and Wildlife Removal Techniques

Being a wildlife removal expert means that we have to know a lot about animals, their habits, and how to trap them or remove them safely from the property. In the internet age, it is easy to learn facts about different animals, but if you have unwanted wildlife on your property, the best thing you can do is call a professional to help. We are trained to remove animals and have years of experience doing so.

We can only be as effective in removing intruding wildlife insofar as we educate ourselves on the animals we encounter. With a highly successful removal rate and a list of satisfied clients, we are sure that we are the best team in the local area to remove an animal from your property.

Wildlife Clean Up Services

Once unwanted wildlife is removed Bugs Plus Pest Services technicians thoroughly clean, disinfect and restore any damage to your Abbotsford property from any animal intrusion. Proven preventative measures are then put into place to eliminate reoccurrence, along with helpful wildlife exclusion tips from Bugs Plus Pest Services staff.

For a free estimate and effective solutions for keeping unwanted wildlife away from your property give us a call.

The Experience, Equipment, and Training for Effective Wildlife Removal

As soon as we show up, it will become apparent that you are dealing with an expert. We always stay up to date on the latest animal safety literature and try to learn as much about the local habitat as possible. In addition, our wildlife removal experts are all highly trained and will show up with all the techniques and equipment necessary to get rid of any unwanted faunal guests.

Get in touch with Bugs Plus Pest Services as soon as you notice a wildlife problem around your house. We’ll set up a time to be there and help you solve your problem fast.

What to do if you Encounter Wildlife in and Around Your Property

Do not touch or approach a wild animal found on your Abbotsford property

Although a raccoon in your backyard may seem cute and harmless, many wildlife forms carry disease and are not accustomed to human interaction – For safety reasons, it is recommended to contact a wildlife control specialist for assistance.

Avoid using homemade animal traps

Many domestic wildlife traps are actually inhumane and can be detrimental to surrounding wildlife and your property as a whole.

Do not feed wildlife

Many caring and compassionate animal lovers think there is no harm in feeding the wildlife found on their property. Yet, if an animal perceives that you have become a reliable food source, you run the risk of developing a serious problem and could possibly attract additional unwanted animals into your home or place of business.

Do not attempt to clean up or remove a dead animal without professional assistance

Due to the likelihood of disease and potential for other health hazards, a professional wildlife control specialist is recommended for the safe removal of dead wildlife from your Abbotsford property.

Whatever your nuisance wildlife problem is from squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the backyard, or for bats, mice or insect control anywhere on your property, call us for an assessment.

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